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Coming Soon! For more information, check out the Frequently Asked Questions. Applications now being accepted for Grade 9.


Applications now being accepted for Grades 3-8.


Schools have an obligation to identify and provide services for gifted students from kindergarten through twelfth grade. A student may be referred for screening for gifted by a parent/guardian, a teacher or other staff member, the student themselves or any other individual with knowledge of the student.

Broward County Public Schools universally screens all second grade students for gifted with the CogAT.

The State of Florida defines a gifted student as “one who has superior intellectual development and is capable of high performance.”

Gifted Program Models

Each Broward County Public School must develop and implement a comprehensive plan to meet the needs of their gifted students as outlined in the Broward County Public Schools Procedural Guide for Gifted Education.

Services are provided in the core content areas, depending on students’ needs. Gifted services, however, are not limited to the curriculum and learning environment. Other services must be provided based on the individual needs of the student.


Curriculum differentiation is incorporated to provide flexibility in instruction. Strategies used may include:

  • In depth study
  • A high degree of complexity
  • Advanced content
  • Variety in content, process and/or product
  • Acceleration of instruction

Teachers of the gifted must be appropriately endorsed by the State of Florida or working towards endorsement.

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